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Concern over proposed Rossendale children’s care home: size, parking, and safety issues raised

A plan to convert a family house in Bacup into a children’s care home has been rejected due to various concerns.

Rossendale councillors refused the change-of-use application for 34 Douglas Road, submitted by Silethokuhle Zinyemba. The decision came after numerous objections from local residents and scrutiny by the development control committee.

Residents raised concerns about overcrowding, lack of parking, and unsuitable living conditions. One objector, G P Woodward, stated that the house was not big enough and lacked adequate parking. Mr R J Marsden also questioned the property’s suitability for healthy living and worried about potential future expansions.

The application, submitted by Mrs Zinyemba in March, proposed a manager, deputy manager, and three staff on-site most days, with the possibility of up to eight staff for two-to-one care.

Care for children would usually be one-to-one, meaning typically five care staff on-site at times, and some children might require two-to-one care, potentially increasing staff to eight. Care staff would work 12-hour shifts, and the property has a driveway for two cars plus additional land, the application stated.

The application was further denied.

The care home’s issues

The Bacup house has also been the subject of other applications to Rossendale Council for lawful development certificates.

However, an earlier request for three children and two support staff was approved in 2022 – these certificates can formalise current or future building use within the broader planning system.

Councillors also found the off-street parking inadequate for the potential number of staff, which could worsen the already congested street parking.

Additionally, the council deemed the number of bedrooms insufficient for the proposed number of children and staff, potentially leading to cramped living conditions for future residents. Concerns were also raised about poor health and safety practices during refurbishment, including risky burning of rubbish that damaged a fence and conifers.

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